Day Trip to Prince Edward County


Prince Edward County is a charming and quirky little peninsula on Lake Ontario. It’s a region known for its wine–mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir–as well as for its small batch distilleries and intriguing landscapes–Sandbanks National Park and Lake on the Mountain! As it is only two hours away from Toronto, PEC is the perfect destination for those wishing to escape the city for the day. We took a little day trip there in early November, and like true city folks we made a fool of ourselves each time we saw farm animals. We came back in the evening with some bottles of wine and liquor, eggs from fluffy free range chickens, and yarn from an alpaca farm! The next time we go we may try to extend it to be an overnight trip.

More detailed posts to come soon. For now:

We ate at Drake Devonshire Inn.

Drank at 66 Gilead Distillery, The Old Third, Closson Chase, and Norman Hardie Vineyard.

Met some cute alpacas at SHED at Chetwyn Farms.

Visited the Sand Dunes at Sandbanks National Park.

Stopped at The Big Apple, a road side shop on our way to PEC.



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