Homemade Croissants 1.3

In which the heroine nears her destination: buttery mouthfeel croissants with the sought after flaky, shattering layers. A few small, but highly effective  changes from #1 and #2: Using European-style butter. Butter with higher fat content, i.e. European butter, made a huge difference both in taste and the look of the croissants. (The higher fat … Continue reading Homemade Croissants 1.3


Buttermilk Rye Scones

If you like sourdoughs, you'll probably like these buttermilk rye scones.  I made them on a whim, wondering what rye flour would taste like in a pastry instead of bread one weekend aaaaaaaaaand I was instantly converted. They taste pretty amazing! The dark rye flour imparts a nutty and rich flavourful note that somehow, despite … Continue reading Buttermilk Rye Scones

Sautéed Herbed Chanterelles

Back when I was living alone, sautéed mushrooms over toast or rice was one of my favourite late night meals. It was fast, easy and perfect on evenings when I craved something light. Though you could fancy it up with a splash of wine or enrich with cream, I think chanterelle mushrooms are best eaten … Continue reading Sautéed Herbed Chanterelles

Visiting P.E.C.: Alpacas at Chetwyn Farms

Hello, lovelies. Here are some alpacas to brighten your day. They reside at Chetwyn Farms. The owners also tend to a quaint little farm shop, SHED, where you can buy alpaca yarn and alpaca-related accessories. Aren't alpacas the cutest? Bonus: Local barn cats. Much cuter and healthier than feral city cats.