Visiting P.E.C.: Alpacas at Chetwyn Farms

Hello, lovelies. Here are some alpacas to brighten your day. They reside at Chetwyn Farms. The owners also tend to a quaint little farm shop, SHED, where you can buy alpaca yarn and alpaca-related accessories. Aren’t alpacas the cutest? Bonus: Local barn cats. Much cuter and healthier than feral city cats.

Visiting P.E.C.: Lunch at Drake Devonshire Inn

With a scenic view of Lake Ontario, fun outdoor art installations and quirky decor, Drake Devonshire Inn has the look and feel of a modern country house. It’s hip, it’s stylish and the food is as cozy and hearty as Prince Edward County itself.

Day Trip to Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a charming and quirky little peninsula on Lake Ontario. It’s a region known for its wine–mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir–as well as for its small batch distilleries and intriguing landscapes–Sandbanks National Park and Lake on the Mountain! As it is only two hours away from Toronto, PEC is the perfect destination…

Cottage Weekend

One rainy Friday in June, Leo and I and some of our friends drove slightly up north for a cottage weekend. We ate and cooked and drank and played board games, visited the local (and only) convenience store nearby for Kawartha ice-cream and sugar tarts, and had a dip in the still very cold Kahshe…