Buckwheat Strawberry Buckle with Almond and Cashew Streusel

This is an enriched version of Blue Bottle Coffee's Strawberry Buckle cake. The original recipe uses all white flour, but I've really been enjoying adding buckwheat or rye flour to my bakes. If you're not sure about buckwheat flour, give it a try. It's nutritionally one of the better gluten-free ingredients, it has calcium, phophorus … Continue reading Buckwheat Strawberry Buckle with Almond and Cashew Streusel


Pickled Radishes

These pickled radishes add a punch to just about anything. Add them to a grilled cheese sandwich, charcuterie plate or even as nacho toppings!   Picked Radishes 1/4 litre jar from David Lebovitz's pickled radishes recipe 1 bunch of small red round radish 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup white vinegar 1 teaspoons sea salt 1 … Continue reading Pickled Radishes

Toronto Eats: Kub Khao

The opening of Kub Khao Thai Eatery in Scarborough is a game changer. Before this, good Thai food used to be something we had to schlep to the downtown core for, all while suffering through interminably long subway rides, incessant track work delays or slow-moving streetcars. But not anymore! Now we get to contend with … Continue reading Toronto Eats: Kub Khao