Toronto Eats: Kub Khao

The opening of Kub Khao Thai Eatery in Scarborough is a game changer. Before this, good Thai food used to be something we had to schlep to the downtown core for, all while suffering through interminably long subway rides, incessant track work delays or slow-moving streetcars. But not anymore! Now we get to contend with … Continue reading Toronto Eats: Kub Khao


Sautéed Herbed Chanterelles

Back when I was living alone, sautéed mushrooms over toast or rice was one of my favourite late night meals. It was fast, easy and perfect on evenings when I craved something light. Though you could fancy it up with a splash of wine or enrich with cream, I think chanterelle mushrooms are best eaten … Continue reading Sautéed Herbed Chanterelles

Montreal: Les 400 Coups Restaurant

Eaten back in August for a bridesmaid dinner: Tomato gazpacho, salmon with pickled green strawberries, beef cheeks ravioli, lamb with mint purée, and an assortment of sorbets (rhubarb, peach, strawberry and blueberry), finishing with some petits fours and marshmallows. If all dinners could be at Les 400 Coups...! Les 400 Coups Restaurant 400 Notre-Dame Est, Montreal … Continue reading Montreal: Les 400 Coups Restaurant

Easy Basmati Rice with Raisins and Crispy Onions

Growing up in a Chinese household, it's impossible to imagine a day where rice was not part of our regular dinners. Everyday. Without fail. Plain white rice to go with stews, curries, stir frys. Sometimes congee (rice porridge). On very, very special occasions my grandmother would make biryanis, an Indian dish of basmati rice cooked with … Continue reading Easy Basmati Rice with Raisins and Crispy Onions

Ihaw-Ihaw at Kanto by Tita Flips

A few years ago I had the pleasure of eating Filipino food for the first time at Diona Joyce's Kanto by Tita Flips, one of the many bright food stalls at Market 707 on Dundas and Bathurst streets. If like me you haven't had a lot of experience with Filipino food, I couldn't recommend a better person to … Continue reading Ihaw-Ihaw at Kanto by Tita Flips