Late lunch at Kadbanu

The light at Kadbanu, an Iranian café and kitchen on Dundas West, is a dream. By the time we finished our meal–lovely, hearty stews with some sharp pickles–I was determined that my own kitchen would need to have white and blue tiles. I really can’t get over how bright and fresh the space was. If you’re in the…


Clafoutis is a casual and simple dessert from Limousin, south central France.  It’s a rustic dessert, eggy and dense, made of dark cherries baked in a custard. Despite its less than artful appearance, it’s absolutely delicious and so stupendously easy–eggs, flour, milk, sugar, salt, almond extract are combined and the batter then poured over the…

Candied Orange and Cardamom Bread

A light, airy loaf using spice-infused milk, candied orange peels and ground cardamom. It will make the perfect winter toast to brighten up any cold mornings or afternoons.

Braided Loaf

I’ve made three milk breads since the new year. I was hoping to post a recipe soon, but I just haven’t had the chance to sit down to properly type it all out. But soon. Very soon. (As you can see, my braiding skill isn’t quite there.)

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope this year is filled with awesome things and good food. We’ve already had a pretty good start. Our first at home brunch of 2016 was a trio of fat, carb and something green: bacon wrapped asparagus, scrambled eggs with diced scotch bonnet and a piece of toasted ciabatta. (I’ve also been…

Homemade Croissants 1.3

In which the heroine nears her destination: buttery mouthfeel croissants with the sought after flaky, shattering layers. A few small, but highly effective  changes from #1 and #2: Using European-style butter. Butter with higher fat content, i.e. European butter, made a huge difference both in taste and the look of the croissants. (The higher fat…

Buttermilk Rye Scones

If you like sourdoughs, you’ll probably like these buttermilk rye scones.  I made them on a whim, wondering what rye flour would taste like in a pastry instead of bread one weekend aaaaaaaaaand I was instantly converted. They taste pretty amazing! The dark rye flour imparts a nutty and rich flavourful note that somehow, despite…

Sautéed Herbed Chanterelles

Back when I was living alone, sautéed mushrooms over toast or rice was one of my favourite late night meals. It was fast, easy and perfect on evenings when I craved something light. Though you could fancy it up with a splash of wine or enrich with cream, I think chanterelle mushrooms are best eaten…

Visiting P.E.C.: Alpacas at Chetwyn Farms

Hello, lovelies. Here are some alpacas to brighten your day. They reside at Chetwyn Farms. The owners also tend to a quaint little farm shop, SHED, where you can buy alpaca yarn and alpaca-related accessories. Aren’t alpacas the cutest? Bonus: Local barn cats. Much cuter and healthier than feral city cats.

Visiting P.E.C.: Lunch at Drake Devonshire Inn

With a scenic view of Lake Ontario, fun outdoor art installations and quirky decor, Drake Devonshire Inn has the look and feel of a modern country house. It’s hip, it’s stylish and the food is as cozy and hearty as Prince Edward County itself.