Montreal: Kem CoBa


Kem CoBa is an artisanal ice-cream shop in the ever so hip neighbourhood of Mile End, Montreal. It’s next to Fairmount Bagel, a great tactical move on the owners’ part, and serves up a wide range of flavours from around the world with a slight bent towards Southeast Asia. Between my three friends and I, we tried about seven different flavours: Soursop, Pandan (La Dua), Chai Tea, Crème Fraîche, Dulce de Leche, Mango, and Passion Fruit! (My soft serve was dulce de leche ice-cream and a mango sorbet.) After what seemed like a trek to get there — and in Montreal’s heat, walking for longer than 15 minutes becomes a struggle — it felt rewarding to just sit under some shade, eating heavenly churned cream and ice. 

Kem CoBa
60, av. Fairmount Ouest, Montreal | Website


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