A few favourites for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming! I’ve dug into my old blog’s archive to find some of my favourite recipes. What will you make?

Dutch Baby Pancakes: Regular pancakes are nice, but kinda boring. Change it up with an eggy German-style pancake. For a cuter presentation, make them in muffin pans for individual mini pancakes. [Recipe.]

herbes and cheese cones deux
Cheesy cast iron skillet scones: Because why not? Everything looks better in a cast iron skillet. [Recipe.]

Baklava: Easy as one, two, three. You just need store-bought filo, chopped nuts (any nuts will do, but go for pistachio for something luxe), cardamom, powdered sugar, and syrup. Simply assemble and bake. [Recipe.]

Earl Grey and Grapefruit Pound Cake: A thick slice of citrusy pound cake paired with tea. Perfect for Mother’s Day. [Recipe.]

Tea-Infused Milk Jam/Dulce de Leche: My special occasion treat (I usually make it around Christmas time). It can be used for baking or as a topping wherever you see fit. [Recipe.]


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