For the love of éclairs

Yesterday I spent the evening cleaning soy milk and almond milk matcha-flavoured pastry cream off the kitchen floor — welcome to the joy of baking! I was trying, with the  help of a friend who translated it for me, to recreate Sadaharu Aoki’s genmaicha éclairs from a youtube video. It’s not quite there yet. The only thing I nailed was the genmaicha topping, the toasted puffed rice was a great texture.

Choux pastry for making éclairs.
Gotta work on my piping game.
..and my icing game.
Pastry cream — crème pâtissière — with vanilla and matcha powder.

More éclairs:
My first time in Paris and the original genmaicha éclairs that started the obsession.
The Hip Paris Blog has an éclair smackdown between two éclair boutique shops. The varieties and colours are amazing.
Bon Appétit’s recipe for chocolate éclairs.
Yossy Arefi, from Apt. 2B Baking Co., has a beautiful meyer lemon version I would like to try next.


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