Homemade Croissants 1.3

In which the heroine nears her destination: buttery mouthfeel croissants with the sought after flaky, shattering layers. A few small, but highly effective  changes from #1 and #2: Using European-style butter. Butter with higher fat content, i.e. European butter, made a huge difference both in taste and the look of the croissants. (The higher fat … Continue reading Homemade Croissants 1.3


Buttermilk Rye Scones

If you like sourdoughs, you'll probably like these buttermilk rye scones.  I made them on a whim, wondering what rye flour would taste like in a pastry instead of bread one weekend aaaaaaaaaand I was instantly converted. They taste pretty amazing! The dark rye flour imparts a nutty and rich flavourful note that somehow, despite … Continue reading Buttermilk Rye Scones

Lemon Ricotta Yoghurt Tea Cake with Cranberries

Fall is officially here. The trees have turned, the air is crisp, and all my sweaters have been unearthed from under my bed, all ready for their weekly rotation. It's perfect. So now we have cranberries.Tart, rosy, crisp cranberries. They will soon be making their way into stuffings and sauces for holiday dinners or used … Continue reading Lemon Ricotta Yoghurt Tea Cake with Cranberries

Tomato Tart with Spinach Pesto

Pesto is great to have under your repertoire. It can be whipped up in five minutes and flavoured with just about anything you like. For a bright verdant green pesto, I like adding spinach, as well as a few red chilies for a bit of a kick. I usually use pesto for pastas, and occasionally … Continue reading Tomato Tart with Spinach Pesto

Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

If you follow Canadian food blogger Tara O'Brady's Instagram account, you probably already know about these amazing chocolate chip cookies she's perfected for her first book, Seven Spoons: My Favourite Recipes for Any and Every Day Cooking. Despite my history of drop cookie failures -- my cookies were either hard balls of dough OR complete softies … Continue reading Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

Spiced Granola with Cardamom and Nutmeg

There are times for extravagant breakfasts and there are times when cold, milky granola bowls are just want you need. Spiced with just a little bit of cardamom and nutmeg this granola mix smells absolutely amazing as it bakes with just enough hint of the spices as you eat without feeling too overpowered by them.

Hokkaido Milk Bread

I've been on a bread making kick lately. I can and do make other things, I swear, but I rarely get the chance to take photos. So for now, here's one of my favourite loaf thus far. It will probably be the fluffiest bread you'll ever make. That's because the Hokkaido Milk Bread is a … Continue reading Hokkaido Milk Bread

Homemade Croissants 1.0

Croissants have been on my list of pastries to perfect for the longest time. My third attempt, which is what you're seeing here, is leaps and bounds above the first two batches. They're closer to my idea of the perfect croissant, but obviously...there's always room for improvement. Nonetheless, considering it's only my third try -- … Continue reading Homemade Croissants 1.0